Sometimes, like a upstage model, cats walk a runway carpet in a nice stilettos but sometimes, like an adventurer climbing the most rugged road in the world, cats are a change-minded animal who pioneers their own route in everyday. This special project is for your special pet, "Butler becomes an architect" is launched now.

Like in the story from “the gift of Christmas” by O' Henry (the heart that cut her hair to buy her loved one's watch strap and the mind that sold his watch to buy his loved one's hairpin), today butlers are very busy with shopping for a few hundred dollars cat products..

Like the characters in the gifts of Christmas, the world does not seem to point in the same direction as the stick of love. The fantasy of luxury cat-tower and cat-house by butlers, However, the loyal pledge of the butlers to the cat who are bored easily can come to ‘dislike', 'no fun', 'boredom' as like the cut hair and sold watch, the butler is frustrated every time.

So we prepared the Special Project to the top 1% of Butler, “Butler Becomes an Architect”

Free invitation to International Cat Industry Expo in COEX, Korea

The bed is not furniture, as well as a well-made ad text called Science, the adherent tried not to be a housekeeper but a copywriting ad called a butler. However, it was an unrealistic copy because it is so natural for most of the butlers who are universally valid and living in this era of basic literacy and qualification. Sometimes like a caregiver cleans the bathroom and takes medicines and meals, but a butler generally refers to a person who is in charge of clerical work and refers to someone who takes care of housework or office work at a special person's house or temple. The Greek translations of Diakonos (subtitle) means the assistant, a fully professional profession.



In the tight wallets of the butler, Hundreds of dollars worth of cat-tower, but What if a cat pioneering his path soon being bored before a week after the payment? The Mondomiopet Design Research Center has long pondered, thought and studied to find solutions. Would not it be possible to satisfy the curiosity of cats if anyone could easily create new routes every day? What if a product made like a brick of LEGO makes it very easy for anyone to use their imagination to create a new shape? What if it is a safe product that anyone can easily remove and assemble without bolts, nuts, nails, or screws?

Dr. Eun Jin (Ph D in fine art), a leading designer who studied in Italy, and Dr. Jin Kyung Hee, CEO of Mondo Mio Co., Ltd., collaborate with the best woodworking companies in Korea and various partners to create designs, The first International Cat Industry Expo will be held from April 21 (Fri.) to 23 (Sun), COEX 1st Floor, B Hall 10: 00 ~ 18:00, 2017. The project will be for a butler architect who will make all the butlers as wonderful architects through the modular cat-tower. , we invite professional butlers. When you come to COEX, you can buy designer furniture that suits the top 1% of the butlers at a special price. You can also assemble, demonstrate and check products directly from the booth. Please let your cat enjoy the sunshine at the 7 star hotel in your room, because the exhibitions held in COEX are only for butlers. we ask for your sincere butlers to participate. For your free entrance ticket, call to xxx-xxxx-xxxx at the exit gate of 1st Floor, B hall, COEX, Seoul, Korea . See you soon!

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